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Ruby is a Object Oriented Scripting language which is quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. Learn how to use RSpec, the Ruby testing framework that can help developers be more productive, write better code, and reduce bugs during development. Explains the basic syntax of RSpec and then dives straight into writing and running test examples. This modules include how to use a variety of matchers to test for expected conditions, provides techniques for testing efficiently, and demonstrates how test doubles can stand in for objects and methods. The Training session will give full hands-on in Ruby Cucumber Web Automation Testing Training. We will work throughout the session on Ruby, Cucumber,Watir, Page-Object, Rest Client, Rake, Ruby Gems etc.

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Online Session
Online Session

Ruby Basic Complete Course


Ruby, Rspec and Pry

Ruby Cucumber

Ruby, Cucumber, Watir


Ruby, Appium, Mobile Automation

Ruby Calabash

Ruby, Calabash, Mobile Automation Testing

Ruby Capybara

Ruby, Cucumber, Capybara


Rails Application Development

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