Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a type of automation technology currently transforming the way businesses operate. RPA software robots manipulate and communicate with business systems and applications to streamline processes and reduce the burden on human employees. A robotic process automation solution will stand out from other types of automation due to its flexibility and its ability to efficiently integrate workflows across the entire enterprise.

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What are the Benefits of RPA?

Robotic process automation solutions are designed to boost productivity, improve accuracy, and help your organization grow by handing repetitive, manual workloads over to software robots.  


    Mimic the manual tasks burdening your human workforce, freeing them up to do the strategic work that adds value to your business.


    Automate integrations between existing systems, applications, and workflows under a central automation platform without expensive hardware changes or development.


    Enable innovation and collaboration between IT and business teams by centralizing automation and connecting data with detailed analytics.


     Scale your digital workforce cost-effectively. Software robots are easy to configure and work alongside human employees to enable rapid growth.


How does Robotic Process Automation work?

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Why Robotic Process Automation?

  1. The business climate is ever changing. An enterprise needs to continuously evolve its product, sales, marketing, etc. process to grow and stay relevant
  2. A typical enterprise uses multiple and disconnected IT systems to run its operations. With change in Business process, these IT systems are not changed frequently due to budget, timing, and implementation complexity issues. Hence, the business process does not map the technical process mapped in the IT system.

Example of RPA

Application of RPA

1) Healthcare 

2) HR

3) Insurance

4) Manufacturing & Retail

5) Telecom

6) Travel & Logistic

7) Banking and Financial Services

Robotic Process Automation tools

1) Blue Prism

2) Automation AnyWhere

3) UiPath



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