The course coverage and pace would vary slightly, depending on the composition of the batch. If the training is for participants who are already familiar with some other object-oriented programming language, such as C++ or Java, the initial parts covering the basic language constructs as well as introduction to the OO concepts could be completed faster, and more time could be spent on some of the advanced aspects of the course. If the training is for a batch of participants who are new to any programming language, then even the basic language constructs would require more detailed explanation and practice work, and coverage of some of the later, advanced topics would be curtailed.

Django introduction Hands-on session

Topics Name
Online Session
Online Session
Introduction to Django

What is Django?, What is Web Framework? , Which sites use Django?, MVT Pattern, Django Model, Django ORM, Django View, Django Templates, Django MVT

Computer with the following software Tool: Sublime Text Editor +Eclipse or Visual Studio Code Operating System: Ubuntu16.x or MacOS or Windows7/ 8/10. Python 3.x Django 2.x

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