Knowledge of any programming language ( C / C++ / Shell Scripting)

The participants should be in a position to understand Perl Scripts written by others. The participants should be in a position to write their own Perl Scripts. Perl Database Automation using DBI. Perl web programming using CGI.

Topics Name
Online Session
Online Session

Introduction, Data Structure, Control flow, functions


Perl Intermediate

Perl Database

Perl DataBase Integration

Perl Debugger

Perl Debugging

Perl CGI

Perl CGI Api

Ubuntu 14.xx ( Root password + Internet Connection). Java + Eclipse, E-p-i-c Perl Plugin for eclipse MySQL Server ( don't provide root password ) cpan DBD::mysql ( Driver ) cpan DBI ( perl module ) cpan CGI ( Perl Module ) Apache Web Sever (for CGI only ). Note: Ubuntu can be installed on Virtual Machine ( Vmware ). It's free to download from ubuntu site. All above software are free to download.

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