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A Data Scientist combines statistical and machine learning techniques with Python programming to analyze and interpret complex data. This course will establish your expertise in data science and analytics techniques using Python.

  • Collecting data

  • Processing data

  • Exploring and visualizing data

  • Analyzing (data) and/or applying machine learning (to data)

  • Deciding (or planning) based on acquired insight

  • Machine Learning

  • Mathematical Modeling

  • Statistics

  • Computer Programming

  • Databases

Lab Setup:-

Computer with the following software

Operating System: Red Hat Linux / Ubuntu/CentOS/ Windows ( Latest Version preferable )

Anaconda python 3.7 ( Latest Version preferable )

Python 3.7 version *

Set Up Python Path Environment on OS ( During Installation ). [ Shortest Path ]

Internet Access will be needed to install python third party library


Hardware :

RAM: Minimum 4GB / 8GB ( Recommended ).

Internet Connectivity. ( Needed to Install Packages and Run Anaconda Server ).

80 GB HDD.

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Table Of Content

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