This is Online Python + Selenium Automation Testing Course for working professionals. This course will help learners to build their Python Language Skills and Use Python for Automation Testing using Selenium and Python.


1. Basic Language Syntax 2. Object Oriented Features in Python 3. Exception Handling 4. Regular Expression 5. Working with inbuilt database support (SQLite) 6. Testing 7. Selenium Frameworks

Course Content
Introduction to Python
data types, integer, float, bool, str, complex, range
Play with Python objects, Data Types operations, Arithmetic operations
User Define Function, Local Variable, Global Variable, Default Parameter
String Function, Subscripting, built in functions like range, round
Introduction to Data Structure, List, List Methods
List Methods and Practice
List Methods Practice, Tuple Introduction
lambda, filter, map, sum, max, min
Indentation, if, elif, else
While Loop, For loop, File Creation
Python Debugger, Testing, Decorator
Web Scrapping, Selenium
Tuple Usage, Time Module, Tuple using Complex Number
Numpy, Scipy
Plotting and Visualisation of data
Python Machine Learning
Oops, Class, Inheritance
Meta classes, Testing
Web Selenium
Python Pandas
List Comprehension
Dictionary, Dictionary Case Study


The course coverage and pace would vary slightly, depending on the composition of the batch. If the training is for participants who are already familiar with some other object-oriented programming language, such as C++ or Java, the initial parts covering the basic language constructs as well as introduction to the OO concepts could be completed faster, and more time could be spent on some of the advanced aspects of the course. If the training is for a batch of participants who are new to any programming language, then even the basic language constructs would require more detailed explanation and practice work, and coverage of some of the later, advanced topics would be curtailed.


Computer with the following software Operating System: Windows7/8 or Ubuntu or Mac Python 2.7.12 /Anaconda Python 2.7.12

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