If the training is for a batch of participants who are new to any programming language, then even the basic language constructs would require more detailed explanation and practice work, and coverage of some of the later, advanced topics would be curtailed.

Some of the key skills you will gain upon completion of this program include: ▪ Basic Language Syntax ▪ Object Oriented Features in Python ▪ Exception Handling ▪ Regular Expression ▪ Itertools and Collections framework ▪ Threading ▪ DataScience

Topics Name
Online Session
Online Session

Introduction Python, Data Types, Data Structure, Control Flow


Modules, Object Oriented Programming, File Handling, Exception Handling


Regular Expression, File Input, glob, collections, generator, numpy


pandas, matplotlib, Machine Learning, sklearn

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Lab Setup:- Computer with the following softwares: Operating System: Window8/10 or Ubuntu16.04 or MacOs 10.10.X Anaconda ( Latest ) Python 3.6.x with Anaconda http://continuum.io/downloads#34 http://continuum.io/downloads#all Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib etc. Acrobat Reader / Libre Office / MSOffice etc. Hardware : RAM: Minimum 4GB / 8GB ( Recommended ). Internet Connectivity. ( Needed to Install Packages and Run Anaconda Server ). 80 GB HDD.

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