Participants should have at least basic programming skills in C or C++. Having Object-Oriented Scripting skills will add the advantage to understand Python Object Oriented behavior. 

At the end of this training participants should be able to achieve the following objectives:

1. To use Python high-level data structure, Control flows, functions, modules, Object-Oriented Programming, File Handling, and Exceptional Handling Regular Expression,  Unit testing, Pytest, Testcase, and Test Suit.

2. To use Python Selenium with hands-on sessions on PyUnit Framework, Selenium 1, Selenium 2, Web Driver Installation, Architecture, Driver for Chrome, Exception Handling in Selenium, Working with Page Elements, Controls Listbox, Radio Button, Multiselect box, etc.

3.   To use advance Selenium topics like implicit and explicit wait, Java Script Alert, Windows Tabs, and Frames Working with Static and Dynamic Tables, Action class for mouse and keyboard, File Upload and download. 

4. To understand Mobile Application Testing, Different types of Mobile apps, Mobile app testing challenges, Cloud-based mobile testing, Bluestacks, Android Platform, Mac OS Introduction,

5. To perform Appium Installation, Architecture, Appium for Android and IOS. 

6. To write Python_Appium Client query to select the mobile application elements and perform various actions on the same. 

Topics Name
Online Session
Online Session
Python Introduction

Introduction, Data Types, DS, Flow Control, Functions

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Python Day2

Functions, Dictionary, Modules


Object Oriented Programming, File Handling, Exception Handling


Regular Expression, Unittesting, PyTest


Selenium Installation, Selenium Python Scripting


Advance Selenium Examples


Mobile Automation Testing and Appium Installation


Appium for Android and IOS Applications

1. Machine with 8GB RAM and 100 GB Storage

2. Windows / macOS is preferable for IOS application Development. 

3. Java 1.8 above version 

4. Android Studio 

5. Anaconda with Python 3.7 is preferable for Python and Selenium code. 

6. Appium Installation 

7. Node JS installation with npm commands 


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