The participants taking Ruby Training course must be familiar with the general principles of object oriented programming (OOP).

At the end of Ruby training course, participants will be able to: • Installing Ruby on your favourite operating system • Running Ruby using the interactive Ruby shell (irb) and writing Ruby program files • Using Ruby's documentation system to get help • Installing external Ruby libraries using RubyGems • Learn to program in Ruby • Bank Application Development using Ruby Object Oriented Programming • Understand the Model-View-Controller framework architecture • Learn to build database-driven applications with Ruby on Rails • Learn to work with templates • Learn to test Ruby on Rails applications • RSpec Automation Testing & debugging

Topics Name
Online Session
Online Session
Ruby Introduction

Ruby Introduction, Why, Where, Hands On

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Rails Active Record, Installation, Commands


Rails Rspec, Factory Bot

Hardware: 4GB RAM/ 80GB HDD Software : Windows/ Linux / Unix OS , Ubuntu16.04 or Cent OS7 For Ruby ide , Sublime3 Text Editor / Ruby Mine Browser : FireFox, Chrome Ruby2.5 ( Latest version ) Rails 5.2 ( Latest Stable Version ) Ruby Third Party Gems High Speed Internet Connectivity, Admin Permission is Must

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