Surendra Panpaliya

Surendra Panpaliya

International Corporate Trainer and Consultant

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Professional Summary

  • Total 19 + years of Experience in Corporate Training and Consultancy.
  • Director, International Corporate Trainer and Consultant at GKTCS Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Pune.
  • Provided High End Technical skills to Software Developers, QA, Testing Professionals, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Team Leader and Project Manager.
  • 600 + Corporate Training
  • Taught 10000 + Academic & Industrial Trainees.

Expert Skills

  • Anaconda Python 2.7.15, Ipython, Python 3.7, Python ETL Tools, Django1.11, Django 2.x, Anaconda,Python xml parsing, Web Scraping, Scrapy Framework, pymongo, Ansible, Scikit learning, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Python Database Management, Machine Learning in Python OpenCV, Data Analysis , Pylab, Anaconda, XML, JSON, REST Api, Python Socket Programming, Python Decorator, Python Multithreading, Python Unit Testing, Django,ORM, Django Forms, Django Models, Pylon, MYSQL Database, SQLAlchemy, RabbitMQ, Celery3.1,Riak, Jython, Iron Python, Kivy, Robot framework, Selenium, Appium, MongoDB, OpenStack Cloud Computing, Amazon AWS etc.

  • Big Data and Hadoop 3.x, Hadoop Installation and Configuration on Cent OS or Ubuntu Server, Hadoop Cluster, HDFS, Pydoop, Hive, Pig, Pydoop, Sqoop, Scala, Oozie, Hue, Impala, Hbase, Spark, PySpark, Play Framework, MongoDB, Postgresql, MySQL Server Administration etc.

  • Training/Consulting Areas Batches Clients Remarks
    Advance Python Programming,
    Web Scraping,
    Scrapy Framework
    Wx Python, RabbitMQ,
    PySpark Machine Learning, Deep Learning
    Testing in Python. Ansible
    Unit Testing
    Monkey Runner
    Numpy, Scipy,
    PyQt, Pandas,
    Machine Learning
    XML, JSON,
    REST Api,
    Xml parsing
    Socket Programming,
    Twisted Framework
    GUI Programming
    Robot Framework, Unit testing, Pytest,
    Selenium Library
    Kivy Framework
    Iterator, Generators,
    Collection Framework,
    Python xml parsing, , Python Decorator, , Django 1.11.x
    Django ORM,
    Django Forms,
    Django Models
    Djagno Rest-framework
    Django Middleware
    SQLAlchemy ORM
    Nose Testing
    Green Thread,
    Event-let Programming
    Virtual Environment
    Iron Python
    MySQL5.6 Database Administration
    Machine Learning in Python
    Scikit Learning
    Big Data,Hadoop Framework
    Pig, Hive,Sqoop, Pydoop
    600 • Saudi Electrical Company Riyadh • e-Oman, Muscat • ARABSAT, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • C-DAC Moahli,Chandigarh • Kabbage Bangalore • Metlife Noida • Abbott Mumbai, • NCE Noida, • Continental Automotive Components Private Limited,Bangalore
    • Mercedez Benz R and D Center, Bangalore
    • Toshiba, Bangalore
    • Sapient, Bangalore
    • Walmart, Bangalore
    • IBM Bangalore, Hydrabad
    • Wipro, Hydrabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Coachi
    • Rolta India Ltd, Mumbai
    • Aricent Technology, Gurgaon
    • Oracle India Ltd, Bangalore
    • Tieto, Pune
    • Symphony Services, Pune
    • OnMobile, Noida
    • Ness Technologies,Hydrabad
    • Brainwave, Hydrabad
    • Skill Speed Bangalore
    • Colyut, Hydrabad
    • Johnson Control, Gurgaon
    • L and T Infotech, Pune
    • Alstom India Ltd, Bangalore
    • Airbus, Bangalore
    • Harman International Pvt. Ltd, Pune
    • Symentec,Pune
    • Capgemini, Pune
    • Amadeus,Bangalore
    • Persistent System, Pune
    • Amazon, Hydrabad
    • Cisco, Bangalore
    • Pace Micro Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
    • RSystem, Noida
    • Crest Premedia, Pune
    • Mind Tree, Bangalore
    • HP, Whitefied, Bangalore.
    • Symantec, Chennai
    • HCL Comment Chennai
    • ISRO, SAC, Ahmdabad
    • DataMetica,Pune
    • Amdocs,Pune
    • Edureka,Bangalore
    • SanDisk, Bangalore
    • Exilant Bangalore
    • Altair Bangalore
    • Capgemini, Bangalore
    • Exilant, California, USA.
    • Exilant Bhubaneswar
    • Saviant Pune
    • Mastek, Mumbai
    Hands on Advance Python for Windows and Linux Wx Python Hands on Experience on Eclipse, Aptana Studio, Django Framework, MySQL, Sqlite3, Multithreading, Socket Programming, Unit Testing, Doc Testing, Robot Framework etc. Ansible GIT Hub
    Hadoop Cluster Installation and Configuration,
    Big Data
    Map Reduce Programming using Python,
    15 1. Master Cards, Gurgaon
    2. Sela, Pune,
    3. DataMetic Pune,
    4. SFJ Global School of Management, Mumbai.
    5. UST-Global, Coachin
    6. Edureka
    7. Skill Speed
    8. C-Edge, Thane
    Deliver Ha-doop Map Re-duce Training with Hands On. Hands on Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Spark, PySpark, Oozie, Hue etc.
  • Ruby, Rails, Active Records in Rails, Chef Server,Rspec, Pry, Appium, Cucumber, Capybara, Watir, Selenium, Sinatra, Shotgun, Android, Automation Testing,Calabash, Selenium etc.

  • Training/Consulting Areas Batches Clients Remarks
    Ruby Scripting
    Active Records,
    Autmation Testing Using Ruby Selenium, Appium for Android
    Scala Programming
    Play Framework
    40 • Cognizant,Hydrabad
    • ITC Bangalore
    • Wells Fargo, Hydrabad
    • Amazon, Hydrabad
    • Walmart, Bangalore
    • Accenture, Bangalore
    • Accenture, Gurgaon
    • Symphony Teleca
    • Harman International
    • Wipro Technologies
    • Mphasis, Bangalore
    • Synechron, Pune
    • Synechron Bangalore
    • Saviant Technologies, Pune.
    • Happiest Mind Technology, Bangalore
    • Arrk Group, Navi Mumbai.
    • Capgemini, Hydrabad

  • PySpark, RDD, PySpark DataFrame, PySpark Machine Learning, Databricks Cloud etc

  • R3.4.x, DataScience Using R, R Programming, RStudio 1.x, R Notebooks, Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), Graphics in R, Basics of Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Classification,Support Vector Machines,Clustering Models

  • Advance Shell Scripting, Grep, Egrep, Sed, Awk, Git Hub.

  • PHP, CakePHP, Zend Frame Work. LAMP.

  • Advance Perl, Perl DBI, Perl CGI, TCL/Tk.

  • Training/Consulting Areas Batches Clients Remarks
    DataScience using R3.4.x,
    apply family
    Shiny App
    Text Processing
    Shiny Dashboard
    R Data Structure,
    R Programming, RStudio 1.x,
    R Notebooks,
    Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN),
    Graphics in R,
    Basics of Statistics,
    Hypothesis Testing, Machine Learning,
    Regression Analysis,
    Support Vector Machines,
    Clustering Models,
    15 • Wells Fargo, Hydrabad
    • Ecobank, Accra, Africa
    • Ecobank Nigeria, Africa
    • Walmart, Bangalore
    • Mercedez Benz R and D Center, Bangalore
    • SCIO Health Analytics, Chennai
    • Wipro Bangalore
    • Continental, Bangalore
    • Toshiba, Bangalore
    • Credit Suise, Pune
    Hands on Session using R Studio with Case Study on Financial data, Sales data, Health Data etc Hands on Session using Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm
    Advance Unix Programming,
    Sed, AWK scripting
    Unix Shell Scripting,
    Advance Perl Scripting
    (DBI, CGI, Regular Expression )

    Unix System Programming
    Linux System Programming using C++ on eclipse IDE.

    Advance Bash Scripting
    Ruby on Rails4.0
    MVC Framework

    MySQL5.6 Database Administration
    10 • Rolta India Ltd, Mumbai
    • STES, Pune
    • TechMahindra Ltd Pune
    • Accenture, Pune
    • Siemens Mumbai
    • ATOS Orgin, Pune, Capgemini, Pune
    • Samsung, Noida
    • Wipro Technologies, Pune ,Chennai, Hydrabad and Bangalore
    • EXFO, Pune
    • Sears IT Management,Pune
    • NSE Tech, Mumbai
    • HCL Singapore
    • Synechron, Pune
    • CGI Bangalore, Chennai, Hydrabad, Mumbai
    • Unisys, Bangalore
    • Amdocs, Pune
    • SFJ Global School of Management, Mumbai.
    • UST-Global, Coachin,
    • IBM Hydrabad
    • IBM Bangalore
    • Mastek, Navi Mumbai
    Hands on practice on Linux Hands on session on BASH, KSH, grep, egrep, awk programming.
    Unix System Programming include hands on session on all system call like open, read, fcntl, singal, pipe, pread, mkfifo, pthread_create, shmget, socket etc
    Red Hat Essential Linux 5 days Course
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 Administration
    A + Core Hardware
    Solaris Administration
    • Rolta India Ltd, Mumbai
    • STES, Pune
    • Oracle Noida
    Hands on practice on RHEL, System Administration LVM, RAID, CRONTAB , SAMBA etc Has given training on PCI Local bus Device driver programming.
    CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates)
    Linux and Windows 2003 server Networking
    IT Infrastructure and Monitoring Tools
    Cloud Computing
    20 • STES, Pune
    • Hexaware Pune and Mumbai
    • HCL Chennai,
    • HCL Bangalore
    • BMC Software Pune
    • Syntel, Pune
    • BMC Software
    • HCL
    • IIHT
    Hands on practice on Router and Switches. Also include GNS3 and Cisco Packet Tracer tools. Hands on Session on Wireshark, Packet Tracer etc. Software as a Service ( SaaS) Platform as s Service ( PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS).

    Work Experience

    Founder, IT Consultant, Project Manager and Corporate Trainer
    GKTCS Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (Mar 2012 - Present)

    1. Project Manager and Software Architect for Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL,Sqlite3, Angular JS etc. visit

    2. Provided High End Technical skills to 5000+ Software Developers, QA, Testing Professionals, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Team Leader and Project Manager.

    3. Software Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Agile Project Development using Open Source Technologies like Python, Django, HTLM5, CSS3 etc.

    4. Worked as IT Consultant and Corporate Trainer for 100+MNC across glob.

    5. Working Experience on MacOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Window Server, Win7/8/10, CentOS, Virtual Environment.

    6. BDD using Cucumber, Calabash, Capybara, Ruby

    7. Mobile Automation Testing using Appium, Calabash Framework

    8. Web Automation Testing using Robot Framework, Capybara, Selenium

    Founder, IT Consultant and Corporate Trainer
    GKTCS India (Oct 2009 - Feb 2012)

    Understand Corporate Training Requirements, Designing Course Contents, Delivering Contents as per client Expectation. Taking 100 % Hands On Session on Niche Technologies.

    Corporate Trainer and Consultant
    Rolta India Ltd (May 2007 – Oct 2009)

    Corporate Trainer for Identity Access Management, Service Desk, Service Delivery, IT Infrastructure Management, Network Technologies, Security Management, CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Management, Autosys and Job Management, CMDB, Asset and Portfolio Management.

    Adv. JAVA, Adv. Python, Adv. C++

    Computer Forensic and Data Recovery

    Crypotography and PKI

    ITIL V3, ISO 27001

    Window 2003 Server Administration, IIS 6.0

    RHEL etc

    Trainer and Administrator
    Sinhgad Institute (Jan 2002 – Apr 2007)

    Trainer and Consultant

    IT Administrator

    Network and Security Management

    Technical Writer

    IT Manager and Consultant
    ITM, Bangalore (May 2000 – Jan 2002)

    IT Infrastructure Manager

    IT Trainer and Consultant

    Software Engineer
    Infoedge (Jan 1999 – Apr 2000)

    Linux and Windows Administration

    Programming in VC ++ and MFC.

    Device Driver Program for PCI local bus.

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    Head Office

    GKTCS Innovations
    2nd floor, Sumansudha,
    Besides OM Hospital, Aamchi colony,
    NDA Pashan Road, Bavdhan,
    Pune 411021, Maharashtra, India.
    Contact Person-Mr. Surendra Panpaliya
    Contact no.-9975072320

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