PG Course Journey

Amit Hadole   18 January,2021  

PG Course Journey Steps


Step 1. Visit our PG Course page


Step 2. Select PG Course


Step 3. Jump to PG Course Landing page and download the Brochure.


Step 4. Contact Us


Step 5. Complete the registration then active your account through mail.


Step 6. Purchase any Plan


Step 7. Jump to Selected PG Course dashboard


Step 8. Download and update your Profile


Step 9. Access course Content (Course Details, PDF, Videos)


Step 10. Watch Course wise videos


Step 11. Disuss with with other Learners


Step 12. Take Quiz and Check our progress in graph


Step 13. Submit our assignment using Form


Step 14. Access all submitted assignments.


Step 15. Attend Live Sessions


Step 16. Use Learner guideline for your help.

Step 17. Prepare for Interview